Mercenary on a Mission




Born in Brastlewark, in the Borderlands between Cheliax and Andoran, war was never a stranger to Darkhan. His father was an armorer and weaponsmith who sold his works to both sides. Darkhan himself was trained in the ways of the warrior and sold his sword to the side that paid best: the Chelish Army. He fought alongside with Lesser Devils against the Andorans. In the meantime Darkhans father Aeran Emberon was imprisoned and later on executed by the Hellknights when they found out that he was making deals with the enemy. Even though Darkhan might revenge his fathers early demise someday, he kept fighting for the gold the Chelish Empire provided him with. Half a year ago chance led Darkhan to Brann Carrigan, an Andoran Agent, whose life he saved during a battle in the borderlands where Brann nearly got killed by a fiend. Thankful Brann asked Darkhan to join him and promised him an equal share of gold from the Andoran coffers, if he would sell his sword to the other side. Darkhan agreed. He did not really care who paid him. Gorum led him here so be it. Killing people on the battlefield was his job. Now he was on the other side. Killing Hellknights and their ilk was satisfying in the beginning. But then he did not care. There were also bastards on the other side. Paladins, knights and others who thought to be superior. But they were not. Darkhan watched a lot of them fight – and die. Proud but stupid they were. Fearlessness will get you killed his father Aeren used to say. Right he was. Darkhan is not a coward. But he knows when a retreat is the better option. This is why he lives to die another day. Some months ago he was fighting at another battle against the Chelish Army. He was fighting alongside a hero of the East. A Tian who said he was using the Force, a kind of magic he called Psionics. He was known to his Andoran allies as Aegis, the Taldoran translation of his Tian name "Shīrudo ". A mighty warrior. But when push came to shove and the Hellspawn claimed the battlefield, he fell, like most of his allies. Darkhan simply switched sides. As after any other battle he looted the fallen for gold and other treasures. When he came to Aegis, his body was already completely looted by the Cornugon Whiplord who slew him. But when Darkhan touched his face to look for gold teeth, Aegis grabbed him by the hand and opened his eyes for the last time. Feeling that Darkhans soul was akin to his, the mighty Shīrudo wanted to pass on his gift to him and as he drew his last breath he sparked the Force within Darkhan. His eyes ablazed with psionic energy. Suddenly Darkhan was able to summon arms and armor made of ectoplasm out of thin air. A very useful gift for a mercanary like him. With this new power he was able to impress rich clients and receive higher wages. Brann helped him get a ship to Absalom, where he was employed by the Pathfinders to secure a secret mission in the Mindspin Mountains. He was ported there via the Nexus. In Varisia he met with his new companions. Sarvin – a small but very capable Tiefling taught in the art of the sword and the spell and Struvic – a Shoanti Warlock who speaks with the Dead and curses his enemies. Their destiny led them to battle the servants of Vudrak von Czarnuk a mighy Ustalav Alchemist. In the meantimethe companions agreed to be accompanied by Res – a strange emotionless cleric of Norgorber, who would strengthen the party with her dark spells. Under Caer Maga the companions met the Caulborn – mighty elder creatures who allowed them to tap into their recordings of history and glimpse at their knowledge. In a vision Darkhan met with Shīrudo – the source of his power. This confrontation further enhanced his mastery of the psionic forces enabling him to power his body with spell-like abilities. Bolstered with new energy the companions confronted their enemy. There they discovered that Vudrak was hired by mighty proxies of Lamashtu – the Resurrection Apostles. He was told to poison the drinking water of the biggest cities of Avistan with a poison that would turn humanoids into monsters. The companions succeeded in convincing Vudrak, who simply wants to go down in history as the greatest alchemist, to create an antitoxin for the people of Avistan, but he said he needed time. To buy him some, the companions searched for Lamashtu’s proxies Arkon’Duur Garovin and Baldan in order to slay them. A process that would transfer the souls of Lamashtus mightiest servants into a final form, that will have to be confronted later. To increase their strength the companions sided with Lamashtus mortal enemy, the Demon Lord Pazuzu. Arkon’Duurs head – at least his minotaur-metal-helmet – sticks on a pole of the City of Katapesh, where the companions fought the Gnoll-Army of Lamashtus Warlord. Baldan proved to be quite elusive though. In the lost city of Westcrown the companions were only able to weaken the forces of the Mother of Monsters and find clues where her champion might be found. But even a journey to the very heart of Lamashtus Power in the Abyss was not successful. But Darkhan is sure: the coward won’t be able to hide himself for much longer…


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